Replay >

After being in gestation mode for the past few years, my first webcomic is finally live.

REPLAY > A story of friendship, love, and time travel… backed by a soundtrack! | Updated weekly!


The Story

What happens when three girls from the present are thrown headfirst into the past? Can they survive the medieval times and find their way back home (that is, if they want to go home at all)?

Loosely inspired by A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, personal travel tales, and other fish out of water stories. Also based on the idea that music and memories can be just as effective in transporting people through time…

The Music

Press play on the accompanying music to hear the soundtrack for each chapter of the story. There will be guest DJs from time to time curating the digital jukebox!

Track Updates

Follow the Tumblr page or like the Facebook page to get instant updates.

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